Pau Li Liem (vocals and piano) and Wytske Gratama (vocals and guitar) write songs based on Hans Christian Andersen’s old fairy tales. These fairy tales paint an extraordinary world filled with peculiar creatures and mysteries. Penny brings this world to life with their music, and takes you with them in their journey through a world that can be enchanting and playful, but where darkness hides in unexpected places.
Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales often have a strong moral, which Penny combines with their own interpretation and creativity in their compositions. As a result their songs are close to their hearts, creating a unique connection every time they play together.
Together with Yuri Rhodenborgh (electric guitar), Marijn van de Ven ((double) bass) and Guy Salamon (drums), Pau Li and Wytske combine their ideas with the fairy tales, and together they create new and original works. Every story, every song they write has its own unique sound and with every performance they will take you through their experience of the fairy tales.